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this blog is still under construction. we do not wish to publish to search engines yet until we post a significant amount of information. those who have just visited this blog by clicking links from other "architectural series" blogs or just from Blogger itself, we apologize greatly and request patience. we hope in due time all the blogs of architectural series will be helpful to all specially architects.

until then, please visit "architectural mongraphs" and "film and architecture" a subsection of "Architectural videos" which are relatively rich in content

Thursday, October 15, 2009


"Architectural Standards"
is a component of "architectural series" blog project
which consists of architecture related case studies, monographs, lectures, theories, videos, histories and lnterviews.

it is necessary here to mention that the blogs are created for a general reader group consists of students of architecture for whom this blogs may help to prepare for studies. hence quantity of the contents is more important here regardless of the quality. also we like to mention that very few (almost none) posts presented here by the blogger are original. this blog series is actually a compilation project which combines contents categorically that are already present in the web sphere. however students/ readers are encouraged to post comments or topics of their own on the specific theme of the blog.

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